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Annalisa - Massage Therapist


 After retiring from the US Air Force, Annalisa decided to study massage therapy at the Milan Institute for their comprehensive 750-hour program. There, she quickly immersed herself in learning about the human body and how massage can aide in healing, improve one’s sense of well-being and it’s many other benefits.  She approaches each bodywork session with the intent of providing the most beneficial massage for each individual. Her massage philosophy is to facilitate a therapeutic yet nurturing experience with a combination of compassionate touch and knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology. She supports each client’s unique needs to produce a relaxing and structurally healing result. 

Elizabeth - Massage Therapist


Elizabeth combines modalities to create a deeply effective massage experience, bringing the client to a deep relaxing space where sore muscles and tightness in the body can relax, release, and unwind. Her intention is to help each client find balance and harmony within their body and mind and soul. Elizabeth considers massage to be a vital component in maintaining and promoting health. Working with the muscle tissue to break up adhesion's, unwinding knots and calm the nervous system can only benefit one’s health and wellbeing.  Elizabeth is skilled in Swedish, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage.  She enjoys hiking, traveling, going to the beach and spending time with family and friends. 

Kristi - Massage Therapist


 Kristi has been practicing massage therapy for nearly 4 years, and has experience in both the spa and chiropractic setting.  She graduated from Sierra Massage school in Clovis CA, and is skilled in Swedish, deep tissue, pre-natal, and hot stone massage. She continued  training in therapeutic techniques that allow her to help clients with issues that can benefit from massage, such as sciatic nerve pain, back, and shoulder pain. Her expertise in reflexology, aromatherapy, lotions, and creams also add to her client's pain relief.
  She has lived in the Central Valley for most of her life and has worked as a paramedic and nursing assistant. She loves helping her clients with specific problems, and emphasizes that communication is key in giving the best massage she can give to every client.  

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